Ever seen a chai-wala wandering around the town with a kettle full of scalding hot tea on the back of his cycle? If you live in India, you probably have. And if you have seen one, we bet you couldn’t resist yourself from buying a cup from the guy.

The thing is, Indians love tea. Everything else can be classified into different classes, food for riches and food for poor, clothes for riches and clothes for poor, but tea remains untouched by these discriminations and thank god for that.

There’s no such thing as bad tea, there are only bad tea-makers, and honestly, we have never seen a bad tea-maker in India either.

Now, back to what we were pitching. A classic blend of roadside tea and a chai-wala in traditional clothes pouring it into the cup. Sounds unusually common, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly our element of surprise.

The beverage of your choice will be served to you, yes, options for non-tea drinkers. If you are to go with our expertise, we suggest having a cup of Kadha.

Authentic as well as nourishing soup with an ancestry of over a hundred years. You know something is good when it has been popular for a whole century.

Come to Jaisalkot, experience the usually unusual beverages and then, come alive.