Shatranj The Bar

It is an unknown fact that the game of Chess was invented in India. It took inspiration from the battles and strategies of ancient Indian kings and clans. Chess or Shatranj (as it is called in Hindi) is one of the biggest strategical games in the world. The reason being its mind-numbing gameplay, the strategies, the moves and the sacrifice of ones’ pawns to win by the knight is brilliant to its core.

At Shatranj, we pay homage to the ancient Indian game as we have constructed a bar with the vibe of a gripping game of chess. The interior, the architecture and the overall ambiance reeks of a brilliantly planned ‘shatranj’ game.

As you can probably guess, we house the finest brews for our dear liquor aficionados and chess connoisseurs. We don’t want any of you people disappointed now, would we?

A giant chess board impression all over the place and to complete the decor, humongous chess pieces adorn the vacant spaces in the bar. Walls are ornamented by paintings of chess scenarios which comes out contrastingly well from the dark blue backdrop.

We thought what we could do to enhance the experience because we wanted to go all the way with this one. So, menu cards which are actually chess boards made of wood helped us hit the homerun swing.

So, if you are waiting up for your order, go ahead and play a game of chess with your buddy. Be careful after you have more than a little liquor in your abdomen, you might think that you are the king. And going with the setting of the place, we might not argue about that.

Here’s a drinking game, every time you knock someone’s piece with your pieces, you have to drink till you see the bottom of the glass. Now that’s a great strategy.