Silk Route Art Gallery

You can’t just come to Jaisalmer and go without doing some eminence handicraft and fabric shopping at the Silk Route Art Gallery. And if you don’t, that would be just a sheer loss of your travelling.

The collections include clothes, patchworks, bags, shawls, belts, antiques and accessories – all handmade. Because the machines would never give you the authentic texture that a human being with ancient skills can.

From bedspreads to clothes, from accessories to antiques, every product is unique and of excellent yarn and texture quality. We dare you to find a mediocre product in this gallery. We are quite confident about this place, just like the rest of Jaisalmer.

Take home beautiful collections that aren’t just memorable souvenirs of your visit to the golden city, but also the perfect reflection of the city’s rich cultural and handicraft traditions.