Star gazing

A little quiet time, calm vibes and a cool breeze just caressing your face lightly — what a beautiful scene to imagine or experience.

Now don’t just imagine, come to the second level of the resort and set your hands and wink into the telescope that awaits you. A gaze into the oblivion, with infinite stars and countless bodies that have no earthly business — this is where you need to be.

Working a telescope and metaphorically floating in the universe among the brightest and the biggest stars. A well-organized facility for astronomy enthusiasts, curious people and for the people who want to do something unusual and fun.  Looking at planetary bodies and observing their non-earthly business is what we approach with this particular facility.

When’s the last time you saw Orion’s belt? Or the pole star? The answer is probably “never”. We know that, and we’ve come to the rescue. No one will remain oblivious to the fun of staring at the stars … at least our customers won’t.

Make sure to tell all your friends that you spotted Mars and how red it was. Or better yet, tell them you discovered a new planet. Well, they probably won’t believe you, but they surely will see your face light up when you talk about the experience … and that’s all that matters.

Climb up to the second level of the resort where the telescope waits to transport you light years away. Start with the very noticeable Big Dipper. Trail along to reach the pole star. There you have found north. Slowly and steadily, uncover all the beautiful patterns mankind has designated over the last few thousand years and painted it in stories and mythology – the vain Greek Queen Cassiopeia, the Swan Prince Cygnus, the hunter Orion, the twins Gemini. Maybe spot a planet or two too. Look out for the very distinctly red Mars.

Come along,  look into the deep oblivion and try not to lose yourself in the nothingness of the dark night. If your mind gets wandering into space, we won’t blame you.