What’s better than doing yoga? Doing yoga in a peace.

What’s better than doing yoga in peace? Doing yoga around the spa, so you can go an extra mile while making your body clean, inside and out.

And what’s better than doing yoga around the spa? Doing yoga above the spa, in peace, in a palace.

We sure fetched your interest, didn’t we? Well, trust us, it’s totally worth it.

Right above the spa, the terrace has been thoughtfully redesigned to create a space where you can find your own private sanctuary to do yoga, meditate and practice asanas. Respiration while overlooking one of the most beautiful palaces ever made is surely a treat to sore eyes.

With the desert ahead, we hope you find serenity and tap the beautiful energies that abound this place.

There’s nothing left for you to wander after you have found peace and calmness which reside in this vibe.