Maharawal Suites

Maharawal suites – The epitome of luxury and royalty, The Maharawal Suite is inspired by the posh living accommodations of a Rajput king.

Loaded with all the luxuries that befit a head of state, it gives you all the charms and experience of being a king and literally living like one.

Maharawal suite is also exceptional because of the chemistry of light the guests see while staying here. The design of the suite is keenly designed to allow the natural sunlight to cast beautiful shades of orange, pink and golden during mornings and twilights.

The ambiance and texture of the hotel room are king-sized, regal and natural at the same time. One can easily get lost in its beauty and style. The charm of the room is too attractive to pass on. Once you are here, we doubt that you’d ever want to go out of the room.

We leave no stone unturned to make you feel like a king and sometimes, you won’t need us to make you feel how the emperor felt, sometimes; the room does the job itself.

The light, the vibe and the calmness the suit serves are impeccable and stunning. If we say so, the room certainly lives up to its name, the rightful Maharawal Suite.