Chaupar The Games Arena

Although nothing should disturb you while on a vacation, but the urge to control people, kill some pedestrians and shoot a military base is understandable. Wait, we are talking about video games. God forbid what you were thinking.

Taking a break while taking a vacation. It’s paradoxically fun. There is Chaupar, the games arena near Talaya.

If you like handling console gaming and controlling characters, we have PlayStation consoles for you which are pretty rad. For those who prefer a bit retro gaming and getting together, we’ve got a pool table for Billiards. So, rub the cue with the chalk and hit the ball as hard as you can. There’s no barring the excitement after you win.

Along with a complete selection of indoor games such as Chess, Ludo, Backgammon, Checkers. How’s that for a break while on a vacation?

Games help you bond with friends and spend some quality time with your family. Unless you are a sour winner, which will definitely not go well with your friends and family.

Also, wouldn’t it be fun and amazing to introduce your kids to bishops and kings and teach them a move or two. Introduce them to the classic games, who knows, they might let you play the console with them.