Jaisalmer fort

Jaisalmer Fort is famously known as the Golden Fort of Rajasthan, thanks to the golden and yellow mixed sandstone that gives it a distinct golden hue. The texture of the sandstones is undoubtedly beautiful and astonishingly unique.

It was constructed by Raja Jaisal, Rajput leader in the year 1156 AD, and was thus, in a way, the foundation of Jaisalmer the city. Pretty historic and culturally ancient, right? Well, the beauty and charm of this fort are timeless and thoughtful.

It ranks amongst the prime forts in the world. Rising from the desert sands like a mirage, the fort is a sight worth beholding at night with its 99 turrets. Jaisalmer fort is deeply embedded in history and world rankings.

The fort stands tall and proud, displaying the glory of Rajasthani architecture in all its might and magic. It remains sturdy and mammoth in all its glory and delivers the brilliant textures of the historic times.

This is the place you MUST visit at least once in your lifetime.