Kunwar Room

An appeal which is classy, elegant and refined. A vibe that is sophisticated and classic. A location equipped with everything you’d need. That’s our Kunwar room.

A tremendous and exquisite property spread over 37 sq.m and a polite and kind atmosphere inside and out of the room. Less noise, less disturbance and less breach of your debit card. The affordable and yet amazingly classy Kunwar room is one to look forward to.

A fully fortified room to fit your needs, basics to exquisite. Dedicated guarantee to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your stay. These are just some examples of the regal vibe you would be getting spun in when you arrive here.

The multimedia system is upgraded and up to date and to make things a whole lot better and your addiction to your phone and social media even more addictive; do enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi in your accommodation and in the hotel area.

Come along, stay, and let yourself go and surrender to the beauty named the Kunwar room.