Jeep Safari

Jeep safaris are considered as the fast and comfortable way to explore the beauty of Jaisalmer. It is possible to enjoy a more comprehensive tour on the jeep as it is a smoother and more comfortable ride. An adventure with family needs to be comfortable and Jeep safari will be an excellent fit for it.

Every activity in Jaisalmer has its own uniqueness; a jeep safari is often compared with a camel safari. Camel safari offers you an entirely different experience that can never be replaced; the camel ride will be most enjoyable for young individuals as older people will have a tough time to face the rash climate in the desert during their travel.  Jeep safari has its own way of amusing you. A jeep can accommodate a maximum of five members and will take you with care to witness the beauty of the Thar Desert, protecting you from the searing sun.

To make your safari even more memorable, it is important to take care of certain aspects before booking a Jeep safari.

  • Be clear on which and what all sand dunes you want to visit. Make a perfect list by collecting sufficient information about the respective dunes. This will allow you to hire the Jeep safari with respect to your list, making it more customizable.
  • Night safari is also a part of Jeep safari where you will start your adventure after 7 pm and will travel the desert with only the moonlight accompanying you. This would definitely be a unique experience, but make sure whether all the conditions are suitable for you.
  • A Jeep can accommodate a maximum of five people. So plan your trip considering it. If your strength is more than five, then you would require hiring jeeps accordingly.
  • Traveling in a desert will not turn to be all smooth. Accelerating and decelerating the vehicle will be done quite often by the driver making it difficult for people with motion sickness. So carry your pills or other things to protect you from this sought of mishap. This is not that big of an aspect as you will be enjoying your ride with a burst of laughter, but even then, it should be taken care of.
  • The jeep will stop at definite intervals; it is the time for you to explore the scenic beauty of the desert. Drink the evening tea and enjoy the scenery. Never sit idle even for a second in your entire trip. Make the most of it.

Jeep Safari is one of the many reasons why tourists love to go to India. This vehicle enables tourists to go around the area and see the beautiful surroundings more clearly.