Suraman Mahal

Suraman Mahal, the area of Durbar Hall of the restaurant is elevated in both, height and class. Inside the hall, the choicest variety of dishes is served in a Thali.

To achieve perfection in making a Thali, our chefs cook intensely chosen delicacies with a strong appeal to every kind of penchant.

Served in silverware to the discerning guests, the Thali reeks of royalty and luxury with the exceptional blend of quality food. Guests are seated in the traditional Indian custom of dining.

Having a seat on the rug in between two life-size paintings of Maharaja dining on one side and Rawals dining on the other. The guests sit in between the paintings and can experience an equal amount of regal and sophisticated features.

Eating with the Kings, now that’s something that was missing from your bucket list. Well, not anymore.

Dining with immortalized men in the paintings and connecting with the traditional as well as the regal way of eating is something to look forward to when you visit Jaisalkot.