Tat The Poolside

When you are near Talaya pool, look around, right adjacent to it you will find Tat; the poolside. As far as the eye can go, there is nothing but imperialness and royalty to see.

Also, the palace in the backdrop just takes the cherry off the cake. A nice exquisite backdrop of the palace and a delightful vibe of being poolside.

Settings for sit-downs and buffets by the pool with an option of cooking yourself. Yup, you read that right. Stone cabanas hand out succulent skewers from the barbecue pits to guests relaxing by the poolside, so you can grill your own barbecue with the assistance of our chef present by the poolside.

For occasions when you want to feel utterly indulgent, choose Tat.

And of course, having a dip in the pool while the food is still in process is very much a smart idea.

Eat, enjoy and remember, Tat is where you want to be.