Kite flying

Jaisalmer is a land of fairs and festivals. The sports and festivals are an integral part of the lives of people in Jaisalmer. Patang Bazi, or kite flying is a traditional Rajasthani sport and we encourage you to head to Jaisalkot’s terrace for a game.

Rajasthan had the privilege to even conduct the International kite festival which is one of the most-attended festivals. The popularity of the event is such that it attracts kite fliers from all the corners of the country. This most colorful festival of Rajasthan offers the ultimate fliers and fun.

Many researchers have theoretically proved that Kite flying as a sport has immense health and mental benefits. Let’s see some of the most common benefits of kite flying

  • Stress reliever: Kite flying is an activity that requires a lot of concentration and will take your mood to the peak keeping you enthusiastic and making you forget all your problems and worries. Flying the patang high is also a natural sign to boost your self-confidence.
  • Socialize: We all are already aware of the benefits of meeting new people and making friends. Whether it’s a simple fun family outing or an organized festival the kite flying is often done in groups. As far as outdoor activities are concerned, it’s unusually inclusive, open to individuals of every age, size, and physical ability. A beautiful kite is also a natural conversation starter – an excuse to create happy memories with loved ones or make an acquaintance with a fellow kite flyer.
  • Time with Nature: Spending some quality time with nature will reduce anxiety, depression and also has several benefits on your mental health. Flying a kite in the terrace or open field will give you an opportunity to expose yourself to some fresh air and soothing climate.
  • Health and exercise: Flying kite puts you in an environment that’s conducive to outdoor play. Kite flying is not a stationary sport whereas you have to move run jump and do all sought of sweat claiming motions which will result as a good exercise for your body. Moreover, kite flying is also considered to be good for an individual’s eyes and neck.

Kites are available through guest services. Pick your color and let your kite soar high. We will bring refreshments to the terrace so that you continue to enjoy your gravity-defying revelry. Of course, it depends on your luck whether there is a breeze or not, but a seasoned Patangbaaz will nevertheless touch the skies. Irrespectively, we are there to give you handy expert advice on pench and dheel.